Whose Stories Are You Reading?

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Who is Sturm Enrich?

I am a Survivor, Thinker, Author, Speaker and avid Holist / Humanist / Humanitarian. I’m an ex-journalist, voracious reader and world traveler. My passions are ethics, personal development, conservationism, community building, holistic living and holistic health.
In this chapter of my life, my goal is to share my knowledge and empower others. I write for numerous publications and own several Websites.

My Website SturmEnrich.com is my authors showcase. It features my blog and books. (Incidentally, my books — not available from any other outlet! — can be purchased on SturmEnrich.com.)

My Website AlternativeHumanCommunity.com is dedicated to raising awareness of our collective problems (Covid-19, climate change, social injustice, homelessness, etc.) and proposing solutions to them. It comes with a healthy dose of inspiration and profiles of today’s heroes.

My Website HolisticChurch.org is the Online home of the Church I founded and am the pastor of. Holistic Church promotes rational religion: spirituality AND common sense. Its main goal is to support Congregation members through life’s trials and inspire them to incorporate more spirituality (ethical deeds) in their daily lives.

If you share any of my passions, you are invited to visit my Websites, read my books and follow me on Medium!

Survivor, Thinker, Author, Speaker and Avid Humanist / Holist https://www.SturmEnrich.com