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Who is Sturm Enrich?

I am a Survivor, Thinker, Author, Speaker and avid Holist / Humanist / Humanitarian. I’m an ex-journalist, voracious reader and world traveler. My passions are ethics, personal development, conservationism, community building, holistic living and holistic health.
In this chapter of my life, my goal is to share my knowledge and empower others. I write for numerous publications and own several Websites.

My Website is my author’s showcase. It features my blog and books. (Incidentally, my books — not available from any other outlet! — can be purchased on

My Website is dedicated to raising awareness of…

Cut your losses. Count your blessings. Tend to your wounds. Remember: you maybe fragile, vulnerable, breakable. The Phoenix within is indestructible. It always rises, even from the ashes.

Even if your heart’s been crushed. Even if you feel like your back was broken. Even if your wings were chopped off. Even if you hit the rock bottom. Even if you’re filled with self-doubt. Even if life doesn’t seem to make sense. You have the indomitable Phoenix within.

There is a turning point in life when the Phoenix within awakens. It’s like a homecoming, like the big reveal of the “I” that was repressed for a long time. The “I” that was denied its selfhood. The “I” that cries out to be seen, heard, validated and valued. Only when…

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Risky compassion during Covid-19 pandemic

I have a friend who is an essential worker. He works nights delivering bread to grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. It’s a demanding and dangerous job. Every then and again, he shares with me some of his experiences.

In the course of his work, the friend of mine was robbed, his delivery truck was stolen at gunpoint, you name it! I often hear also about people begging him for a piece of bread and the suffering of the homeless population in Downtown L.A. Their desperation is so tragic, at times, it’s numbing.

My friend is a bit weird. He doesn’t…

Instead of “Making America Great, Again”, we should make it BETTER than it ever was.

For the record: I didn’t know George Floyd. I’m not black. I’m not a man. But I am a HUMAN BEING and as such I believe that everyone, under any circumstances, is entitled to breathe. I’m outraged and offended by the murder of George Floyd AND by the response of authorities.

First and foremost, we’ve all seen the same videos. A peaceful and compliant man arrested by the police. While already in custody and handcuffed, he’s thrown to the ground and knelt on. For what reason? Not to take him into custody: he didn’t resist arrest. Not to restrain him…

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I wouldn’t be an author if I didn’t search for meaning in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. And meaning is what I found. Covid-19 taught me that:

In times of crisis, American people are amazing.

Our concern for one another; willingness to sacrifice to serve others; inventiveness, selflessness even exceeds my expectations every day.

The performance of our leadership not so much. A president Is supposed to be the one in position of authority. Not because the president knows everything better than we do, but because — unlike you and I — the president is usually surrounded by top experts in every field. Tough luck, not our…

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Before I share the story, it’s only fair to mention that I came of age in a different world and time. This is a true story.

At 13, I just reached the teenager status. I was still at the “ugly duckling” stage of development, but was already plagued by some impossible to identify (back then) feelings. School gossip fueled my imagination. We’ve had an unattractive teacher: old, short, fatty and bold. Years ago, as the story went, he fell in love with a 15-year-old female student. The feeling was mutual. With her parents’ blessing they were married. …

Holy Family in detention. 2019 nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist Church

This year the Claremont United Methodist Church ( in Claremont, CA — like all other Churches in the world — prepared for Christmas by recreating the nativity scene. It may seem unremarkable and it would be, except that this nativity scene is different than all others.

As you see, it depicts the Holy Family separated: each family member in a separate cage, with Baby Jesus wrapped in a Mylar blanket and kept away from his parents. I can’t think of a more fitting statement for Christmas 2019.

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The bad news is: yes, we all are. What’s the good news? There is a way to balance servitude and… freedom.

The one absolute power we are all indentured servants to is time. Rich or poor, young or old, great-looking or not, we all have limited time and a definite expiration date.

But let’s start at the beginning.

When you were a little kid, you would wake up in the morning excited about the day ahead, all your needs were taken care of and your main focus was on how to entertain yourself: play, discover, create, invent, dream, have fun or make friends. You had no worry in the world, or at least, you were not aware of any.

Now, the…

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One could argue that self-centeredness powers the creative process. Still, perceiving yourself as the only talent on Earth is dangerous and arrogant in more ways than one. It makes you ignorant. It makes you selfish. It will make you lonely.

“When a man is wrapped up in himself, he makes a pretty small package.” John Ruskin

Historically, there always existed an artists’ community. A group of artists who collaborated with and supported each other. Artists’ communities worked. They enriched and inspired. They served as a reality check. They encouraged new talent. They had your back. They still do.

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Didn’t you ever feel like you’re giving and giving and giving and NOT getting? We are taught early in life that when someone is good or nice to us, we are to reciprocate, right? So, how come you and I learned this lesson and the rest of the world — seemingly — never heard of it? Disheartening, isn’t it?

So, here are our choices. We could go into a corner and cry. We could also get even. What’s your choice?

I admit, for a while I stood in a corner and complained to a wall. But there is a point…

Survivor, Thinker, Author, Speaker and Avid Humanist / Holist

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